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Erotic Stories

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She had been saying for the last few days
that I never do anything special for her,
that she didnt feel like she was being

To many times!~ I find myself alone in my
home with no one to talk to, surfing the web,
refusing to go to bed. Hungry in more then

Well As You All Know By Now, Nastyman Is A
Freak..I Was Dating This Thick Ass Red
Bone.....You Know The Ones With That Juicy

It's been a LONG time since I wrote any news
about my wild sex life. It's been so crazy
around here, we have to take a moment to

When his hand lingered on mine a little too
long, I knew he was hooked. For months I had
been trying to subtly let him know that

Nowwwwww sheeeeee knoooowwwwwww.......

That her pussy juicy. That its just screaming

looking into your eyes with a hungry look on
my face
you know, you want my face in that special

Its a sunny summer day outside in philly an
and im just getting out of i walk
towards a cab but, i happened to turn and see

Oh for those of you who dont know, Lacey is a
Nurse Practitioner, and {CRNA} Certified
Registered Nurse Anesthetist; when shes not

I want to be spanked with my panties down and
I want to be fucked like a slut -- I'm
already getting wet right now just thinking
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