Erotic Stories

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Friday is a little slut who loves to fuck and
she's eager to get going to get some big cock
inside her. She's interviewed by the camera

His succulent lips pressed against mine and
he slid his tongue into my mouth. The way he
moved his tongue in my mouth instantly cause

I had a chick come to me saying she never
knew what it felt like to be with a woman.
She couldn't dance and was totally shy of

You are a student in a college course but you
are doing bad. At the end of class you come
up to my desk to ask me for extra credit. I

While glancing at my page one day I
realized I was running late for work as I got
up from my pc,standing in front of me was one

I usually go to Houston a couple of time a
year to watch a ball game. I stay at the same
motel each time as it is close and I know my

Where's the weirdest place you have ever had
My adventures have lead me to some pretty

when i was in my teens..i use to travel to
the park and flash girls and women in my
spandex bike shorts...i still do when the

A wet day in the bus

I sit down next to the computer and that all

A few years ago, I was on a train journey.
The carriage was fairly quiet with probably
only seven or eight people in it. A few cans
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