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Erotic Stories

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Whats up all rude heads I was introduced to
RUDE by a sexy young Lady a few years back
say 2010. I would've never known such a site

This store is called The Panty Dare because I
gave one of my little slave a dare that
involved panties. He's a young slave and

I met my husband almost a year ago. Thats
right, a year ago. Here is how he got me, One
day I decided to use a online dating site. As

The other day I was hanging out with this
cute girl she was really into me. she told me
she was hot . I asked what do you mean hot?

The truth behind the female game is that
their never are alone. Theirs always some 1
or many helping or assisting them that's the

ok so I happen to run my mouth a lot.
basically the wife always trying suck on some
dick or jerk a nigga off. im all cool for

Guys!! I finally got it! I finally got the
fucking machine! I have not had anything THIS
cool in my 12+ yrs of being in amateur porn!

As our voices carried through out the room
with anger. My fist crashes through the dry
wall leaving an fist size hole in the wall.

I took a long hot bath where I played with my
pussy and stuck my finger up my ass and got
off so fucking hard. I was so fucking hot.

Friday is a little slut who loves to fuck and
she's eager to get going to get some big cock
inside her. She's interviewed by the camera
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