pregnant girls pees @ doctor's office

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United States
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Description: This pregnant girl pees during an exam. This is a fantasy of mine, to be the nurse.

Uploaded: Dec 3, 2007 | Length: 1:15 | Views: 51,353 | Favorited: 192





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  • DanaGently pic
    Sep 30, 2012 by DanaGently

    I just blew my load watching this. Fuck yeah, shaved pussy pushing out juice.

    NoMansLand69 pic
    Jan 8, 2011 by NoMansLand69


    Lick_This_Pussy pic
    Nov 24, 2010 by Lick_This_Pussy


  • BigManZay pic
    Aug 17, 2010 by BigManZay

    And Why Did R Kelly Get In Trouble

    goodntastee pic
    May 23, 2010 by goodntastee

    I am prego and that was nasty

    itsmehii pic
    Dec 9, 2009 by itsmehii

    ive never even seen dogs pee on each other

  • BreDawna pic
    Jun 26, 2009 by BreDawna

    what the hell did they my ass wont drink any.

    MizzThicknezz_1 pic
    Apr 13, 2009 by MizzThicknezz_1

    I wish a Nicca would piss on me! That's some nasty Sh*t!

    devaughnt pic
    Feb 4, 2009 by devaughnt

    did someone say fire???

  • MisS-MiLkShAkE pic
    Feb 4, 2009 by MisS-MiLkShAkE


    PussyMosterTouge pic
    Dec 29, 2008 by PussyMosterTouge


    nastychrista pic
    Nov 27, 2008 by nastychrista

    that is sooo water

  • TexasMade6400 pic
    Nov 22, 2008 by TexasMade6400

    ok, this is where it gets too damn extreme....pissi- ng on each other like dogs

    wetntasty1979 pic
    Nov 21, 2008 by wetntasty1979

    WTF? WTF?

    seemegood pic
    Nov 5, 2008 by seemegood


  • eyeBNDACUT pic
    Oct 25, 2008 by eyeBNDACUT

    is that Puck from The Real World? I wonderede what happened to him...

    Jun 27, 2008 by THESEXYWIFE24


    Byanca pic
    May 23, 2008 by Byanca

    what fuck?its watter

  • biggieeeeee pic
    May 16, 2008 by biggieeeeee

    nuttin wrong wit dat after pissin on her i would hav fukked her bussed a nut in her while sukkin on dem big azz tits cleaned her up and let her go home to hubby!

    bucketforaminge pic
    May 9, 2008 by bucketforaminge

    that woman is me!

    climax84 pic
    Apr 28, 2008 by climax84

    this isn't porn man, this is just sick!!!!

  • MZICEE22 pic
    Apr 14, 2008 by MZICEE22


    weedmann pic
    Apr 8, 2008 by weedmann


    nmlk23m4l pic
    Apr 4, 2008 by nmlk23m4l


  • jeepwangler pic
    Apr 4, 2008 by jeepwangler

    why can't i find find women to do this

    pissluva pic
    Apr 4, 2008 by pissluva

    please can someone do his to me.?

    18_alone_in_bed pic
    Apr 2, 2008 by 18_alone_in_bed

    lol @ comments

  • jack4926 pic
    Mar 26, 2008 by jack4926

    lol...Would you go to a doctor who had face piercings and neck tattoos?

    stryKer114 pic
    Mar 22, 2008 by stryKer114

    wtf is thsi shit, lmao

    redhotchilidick pic
    Mar 16, 2008 by redhotchilidick

    lmao u guys r sick

  • MassageMasta pic
    Mar 6, 2008 by MassageMasta

    waterworks is an understatement

    rt81rt81 pic
    Feb 19, 2008 by rt81rt81

    they must of drink alot of water!

    watchmethrasher pic
    Feb 17, 2008 by watchmethrasher

    i love piss on me

  • sumseduction pic
    Feb 16, 2008 by sumseduction


    G3N3STAYFLY pic
    Feb 15, 2008 by G3N3STAYFLY

    lol r kelly

    danielep pic
    Jan 28, 2008 by danielep


  • weakweak pic
    Jan 25, 2008 by weakweak

    there are truely some nasty ass people in the world

    Aronbuloff pic
    Jan 20, 2008 by Aronbuloff


    kingfreaky pic
    Jan 20, 2008 by kingfreaky

    this is some funny shit

  • 11111111726 pic
    Jan 19, 2008 by 11111111726

    pregnant teetn

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