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Let's Just Fuck Let's Just Fuck
0 Stars
Posting again after a long break. Vixxxen gets fucked in the ass for the...
One Great Night Pt 2 One Great Night Pt 2
0 Stars
An error with filming caused us to pick up a little after part 1
One Great Night Pt 1 One Great Night Pt 1
3 Stars
A return session with an old friend lasted so long we needed 2 parts
Fun With Handcuffs Pt2 Fun With Handcuffs Pt2
0 Stars
This time its her turn to be in handcuffed
Fun With Handcuff Pt1 Fun With Handcuff Pt1
0 Stars
First, TiLo gets handcuffed so she can have her fun
Gagged and Anal Gagged and Anal
0 Stars
Room service was going around the hotel we were staying in for for Exxxotica...
Bound and Fucked Bound and Fucked
0 Stars
Now that the foreplay is over, the prostate massager comes out, and its time...
Torture Foreplay Torture Foreplay
0 Stars
A little bit of foreplay before we got started
Engagement Engagement
0 Stars
We enjoy our engagement the best way we know how. With a a little bit choking...
Transsexual Threesome Transsexual Threesome
4 Stars
Vixxxen and TiLo meet a transsexual while vacationing in Toronto during Pride...
A Date With Chelle A Date With Chelle
0 Stars
Chelle had been thinking about doing a video for a while now, so of course we...
After The Show After The Show
3 Stars
If you listened to Secrets & Desires Radio episode 5, you heard use elude to...
Interracial BBWs Interracial BBWs
4 Stars
It was our friend's first time on video, shes still a little shy so she...
Straight Fuckin Straight Fuckin
0 Stars
no fancy titles or intro, just sex
We Love Our Toys We Love Our Toys
0 Stars
We have alot of toys in our bag, but we dont always use them what their meant...
Returning The Favor Returning The Favor
0 Stars
After TiLo took the strap on, it was time for Phoenixxx to get hers.
Strap it On Strap it On
5 Stars
After many unsuccessful attempts we finally got the strap on inside TiLo...
Voyeur Voyeur
0 Stars
After trying to get a friend buzzed enough to swing us, we decided to start...
Fuckin At The Taj Fuckin At The Taj
4 Stars
Enjoying a Chairman's Suit at the Taj hotel
Three Is Never A Cro.. Three Is Never A Crowd: Part 3
0 Stars
The finale: While Phoenixxx and Lita are in a 69, TiLo leaves a load inside...
Three Is Never A Cro.. Three Is Never A Crowd: Part 2
0 Stars
In part 2, we decided to give Phoenixxx some, ok a lot, of pleasure
Three Is Never A Cro.. Three Is Never A Crowd: Part 1
0 Stars
We finally got to spend time our girlfriend. Had alot of fun in the hotel...
Black and White Atla.. Black and White Atlanta
0 Stars
Last of the videos from the Atlanta getaway. Mostly unedited to get a better...
Fun In Atlanta Fun In Atlanta
0 Stars
Phoenixxx and I had alot of fun on our weekend away. Here we a little fun...
Just A Sample Just A Sample
0 Stars
Just a little of what Phoenixxx and I like to do when we get some free time ;)
Phoenixxx, TiLo, and.. Phoenixxx, TiLo, and a Peach
5 Stars
Phoenixxx and I had alot of fun with Peach.
Fun In the Mirror Room Fun In the Mirror Room
0 Stars
This is all of the fun we had in the mirror, complete with the PIP BJ clip
The View From The Mi.. The View From The Mirror
0 Stars
Phoenixxx and I had a mirror on the ceiling, and I recorded the reflection...
Backdoor Action Backdoor Action
5 Stars
Phoenixxx and I decided it was time for me to knock on the backdoor
Fun on the 4th Fun on the 4th
0 Stars
While everyone else was outside, Phoenixxx and I stayed inside and had a...
TiLo and Phoenixxx TiLo and Phoenixxx
0 Stars
Phoenixxx and myself meet up and have alot of fun. One of the best asses I've...
TiLo and TS Kira TiLo and TS Kira
5 Stars
Myself and a transsexual friend of mine havin fun with each other. A very...
Taste At The End Taste At The End
0 Stars
I tasted myself at the end of the session
Thanksgiving Taste T.. Thanksgiving Taste Test
0 Stars
As always I was really horny after my small workout. So I decided to taste...
Tastes Good Tastes Good
0 Stars
I wasn't expecting to catch any in my mouth, but atleast I like that ;)
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