Me and my youngin full session


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Description: She was 18 and thought that she could hang but I left her hangin off the edge of the bed!

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Phone fuck

5 Stars 3m 49s

She was on the phone and I couldn't wait so I hit it and came on her ass!

Fucked my exes...

0 Stars 16m 17s

They were playing around and then she let me fuck and I came all over that ass!

Threesome action

0 Stars 6m 45s

Me and my ex having some fun with her friend I love my life!

A little...

5 Stars 2m 18s

Me my homegirl and my girl at the time having some fun!

Threesome action Pt3

5 Stars 3m 08s

Hitting my sexy ex from the back! Had to stop and stare at that phat ass

Threesome action pt2

0 Stars 2m 28s

Nothing like a thick girl riding you and her friend licking her ass and...

My ex wife

0 Stars 10m 14s

We use to have some fun before she got on my nerves

Old lady thought...

5 Stars 4m 14s

My fathers neighbor thought she could hang with her phat ass but I got her!

She couldnt take...

0 Stars 2m 05s

Youngin thought she could hang! But she was so tight that I couldn't fit!

Slim Chick Taps Out!

0 Stars 11m 37s

She took it for as long as she could then she pushed me off!

My bestie of 10...

5 Stars 5m 02s

She finally let me hit it! We actually did it on a dare! And damn she got...

Big Gurl Session

0 Stars 16m 58s

I came in her mouth and then on her ass! I love my big girls!

Hidden Cam Session

5 Stars 32m 44s

She thinks I didn't know but I was cool with it when I found out!

Early morning cum...

5 Stars 25m 53s

We woke up and went at it before work! And I came all up in her!

Had to stroke...

5 Stars 2m 44s

She had to keep it down we had company in the crib!

Tore that slim...

5 Stars 1m 51s

Her body is sick and that ass is phat

She took it up...

4 Stars 7m 52s

She took it until she couldn't but she tapped out!

Youngin Taught a...

0 Stars 2m 36s

She thought that she could hang but little did she know! LOL

Came in her mouth...

0 Stars 5m 18s

Busted one in her mouth and she swallowed it then I kept fuckin her and came...

Big Girl made me...

5 Stars 3m 11s

I was trying to pull out and she wrapped her legs around me so I couldn't! lol