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Description: I told y'all last week that I was going to show this girl. Her name is Shabooboo. The story has changed since I posted belinda's pictures last week. Late last week, I called shabooboo to see if she was busy. since she wasn't, I went over to her apartment to talk to her. at first we were going to the strip club but she wanted to relax at her junky ass place instead. It is the same apartment that I went to before and she said that she was moving to another place in the neighborhood the next day. Now this is the fucked up part, Shabooboo looked completely diffrent from the last time I saw her. She has natural short brown over processed hair under that. I was also fooled into thinking that Shabooboo was not a escort worker. Since she was beat up and had a black eye before, I couldn't judge what kind of girl she was. She was ashamed to show her black eye. Plus she has a great body on her and that also fooled me. when I saw her this time, I knew she was a hoodrat immediately. last week's girl, belinda was lying to me after all. I found out that Shabooboo didn't get her black eye from belinda, she got it from some nigga who tried to snatch her while she was out working the hoodrat ho' strip. And even though shabooboo is married like belinda said, shabooboo's husband is locked up in the penitentiary for awhile and is living in this apartment with some nigga who was able to land a half-ass 9-5 job. even though he's working, they still don't have shit and that is why she still has to work the hoe stroll to make ends meet. She no longer lives at this apartment projects and her phone number has not been forwarded yet. It doesn't matter because I will run into the girl again one day. It's a small ghetto world.

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chicken rat who's from the hood is in the trap house at 3am sucking one of my...