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Anytime, Baby! Tomcats Forever!


Thanks to a long-lost "squadron-mate", I have gained access to MANY new photos of Navy aircraft (and quite a few others from the "lesser" branches of the service... LOL no offense to you Grunts, Flyboys or you Flying GI Joes!!!), including my baby, the Tomcat! Well, to celebrate this, I decided to start my first series with... The F-14 Tomcat! Some of these pics are of "my bird", some are old Navy archive shots, some were taken by shipmates and such and some are pics taken by above mentioned "squadron-mate"! LOL First, a bit of history... boring but indulge me as I did my best to remember as much as I learned (LOL)... The Grumman F-14 Tomcat was born in about 1968 by Grumman's general design 303. It was a response to the Navy's proposal for the VFX (Navy Fighter Experimental) and was designed to fill the design requirements set by the Navy. They were: "A fighter with a two-man crew with tandem seating, two engines, an advanced weapon system with a powerful radar plus the ability to carry a variety of long-, medium- and short-range high-performance air-to-air missiles and an internal gun. Furthermore, the VFX should be able to land on a carrier with a full armament load." I could get into more detail (about why they decided on a "swing-wing", etc.) but let's just say the the "Grumman Iron Works" did it again! The F-14 was (in my TOTALLY biased opinion) the FINEST fighter EVER produced thus far! Bar none! I KNOW! If ya want, email me and let's talk! She went through MANY re-fits and several models, culminating with the F-14D. The Navy, in its infinite wisdom, decided to retire the Tomcat BEFORE her prime. The Hornet is no where near as capable, as FAST nor as versatile at the F-14 but that is the way the Kitty Krumbles. That being said, she has been retired. I haven't talked much about that bird but since I am posting these shots, I think a bit of reminiscing is warranted.... As a Naval Aviator (pilot) I know said about the new "SuperHornet" which replaced the Tomcat (yes, he told me to quote him as best as I could remember!)... "Mike, its the same old Hornet shit, repackaged, which was designed to keep the politicians happy. You know it can never match the Tomcat's long range, 2.4 speed (he meant Mach number here) and predator mystique! The capability the Tomcat has for speed is amazing! You KNOW there's not another plane in the Navy's inventory that can come anywhere close to it. You look at the plane on the ground and it looks intimidating, it looks like something that is made for war. I hope the fudge packing dick-wads who thought the Hornet could replace this masterpiece rot in hell." Yeah, some beers were involved! LOL So for history's sake, the VERY LAST shot of a Tomcat from a carrier was on July 28, 2006 from catapult No. 3 at 4:42 p.m. off the USS Theodore Roosevelt (Go Teddy!) from squadron VF-31. She was an F-14D (modex AJ112, BuNo 163417, aircraft No. 112 from the "Tomcatters" of Fighter Squadron (VF) 31, piloted by Lt. Blake Coleman and Radar Intercept Officer Lt. Cmdr. Dave Lauderbaugh... Be NICE to your RIO!!!! LOL) and a celebration marked the event. I THINK she has been designated for a museum life. She truly lived up to her motto, "Anyime, Baby!"... but now it is... "Last Time, Baby." She will be missed! Those of us who were lucky enough to know a Tomcat intimately will NEVER forget her! Big, bold and ready for anything. "ANYTIME, BABY!" Remember, when you're out of F-14s, you're out of fighters! "P"

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ErinMcClay on Oct 29, 2009
I feel a sudden wetness between my legs! I love them babe!!!!!!
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