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Tumblr, You Fuc*ed UP!

Tumblr, You Fuc*ed UP!
3:39AM on January 03, 2019

Despite the fact that my smut blog is still up on Tumblr (sracinessbbw), it's a shell of what it was ABOUT to be. After a year and a deletion of my original sexy time blog, I had JUST restarted my efforts some months ago. Then Tumblr decides that they're done with NSFW, explicit material. They claim it was for safety, for a new image, and blah blah vanilla shit--but it was because they couldn't handle the sex bots. It was because they had gotten into a ton of hot water for child pornography. I get that they wanted to combat that part, because it's HORRIBLE. It doesn't belong anywhere. But they never got a handle on the sex bots. The sex bots kept coming and coming. The blogs kept following people. The only thing it has done since the "purge" is that the sexual bot blogs are now all fitness-looking. Hot, thin gym girls showing off their bodies and butts. Girls in their panties, legs spread, kissing other dames.

And then it gets worse.

Normal shit, reblogged, with super sexual tags.

So, nothing really got fixed, and a lot of people have either deactivated or deleted their blogs and content. A lot have abandoned their blogs, like I am choosing to do. People are looking for other places, and that's how I got here. I'd been here before, I sorta liked it, and I knew that I would have SOME freedom to post my lil homemade smut. Tumblr messed up, and all they had to do was set it up where folks could have an adult side and a SFW side. They chose to purge, stupidly, with a crappy algorithm that ended up doing more harm than good. Again, child pornography is BAD, and it needs to be ERASED COMPLETELY. But I think you can combat it and do your part to get rid of it, and NOT end up losing other creators and artists who did no one any harm.

And the thing about nude art? BS. Flagged.
Just in your panties? Flagged.
Bare butts? Flagged.
Obscured nipples? Flagged.

And they really have targeted creators of color, and fat folks the most. A lot of us get flagged before we can even upload.
SOME of us still stand, and I don't want to devote any time to thinking or wondering why. I feel like I know why. But as people say "it's not about race".frown And sometimes it most definitely is not. But sometimes a thing is a thing, and I've been seeing some...things.

But alas, Tumblr is the past. I want to be in a place where I can take off my clothes and have a good time. I want to go to a website where even my boring little self can get down. Where I can chat with admirers and just...be free. Tumblr will survive...maybe....with the likes of the safe for work charms still there. But for how long?

Ain't my circus, and ain't none of it my monkey anymore.

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