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Description: See I told you, LoL Now here's tha Wet ass finish!! ya heard Me, I must admit That dude keeps Me amped up. LoL

Uploaded: Jun 18, 2007 | Length: 3:53 | Views: 37,267 | Favorited: 269


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  • NilouAchtland pic
    Oct 23, 2012 by NilouAchtland


    gd_jgs43 pic
    Jan 13, 2011 by gd_jgs43

    i lve u

    MorganSemen pic
    Aug 17, 2008 by MorganSemen

    damn baby you r a beast wit it ii wanna see can u take the "XL"

  • cfydfytf57t pic
    Aug 11, 2008 by cfydfytf57t

    tacking controll

    pleasure_unique pic
    Jun 9, 2008 by pleasure_unique

    OMG!!!! is there room for me in there??? damn!

    si202000 pic
    Mar 12, 2008 by si202000

    me next

  • toddtodd pic
    Jan 3, 2008 by toddtodd

    I think I need to visit you.

    nicefilling pic
    Jan 3, 2008 by nicefilling

    U the most certified real, baddest mama jama on this rude shit for that one

    slocumbjames pic
    Dec 31, 2007 by slocumbjames

    Baby. Look. You dont need this sap sucker in these videos. Somebody needs to teach this joker how to screw!

  • sanker219 pic
    Nov 11, 2007 by sanker219


    MrCuningLinguist pic
    Nov 1, 2007 by MrCuningLinguist

    hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

    reverse11 pic
    Oct 30, 2007 by reverse11

    damn doctor! i'm aching too..

  • imn2deep pic
    Oct 20, 2007 by imn2deep

    WOW!!!!! I love how U do that there!!

    RoyalCapricorn pic
    Jul 29, 2007 by RoyalCapricorn

    dyme da chocolate bj. I image u do that to me!

    tyronetackett pic
    Jul 12, 2007 by tyronetackett

    Next time I take the South Shore to the Chi I hope to get a job at your place of employment

  • oldmancreature pic
    Jul 11, 2007 by oldmancreature

    daaaaaaaaaaamn Wonda Woman!!! U drained all da man powers and he still walked away?

    Danny_Boy pic
    Jul 7, 2007 by Danny_Boy

    SOUNDS of sex... I love it!!

    d33zy_0nline pic
    Jul 6, 2007 by d33zy_0nline


  • Bishopmonk pic
    Jul 2, 2007 by Bishopmonk

    Gave this on 5 stars thats 1 lucky man 2 have u all 2 him self

    Jonesgello pic
    Jun 30, 2007 by Jonesgello


    BoneDoc69 pic
    Jun 30, 2007 by BoneDoc69

    Very fastenating and sexy I'm next

  • EroPhoto12 pic
    Jun 29, 2007 by EroPhoto12

    Mother-fin'g ENCORE baby. Damn, that's how you do it ladies.

    pussyplser pic
    Jun 29, 2007 by pussyplser

    shiiiiiiiiiiiiii- it kandi fuck dat can I get some of that fire ass head you got. luv the vid

    Foto_Bare pic
    Jun 25, 2007 by Foto_Bare

    Next time I want to see you play with the cum! lol

  • boomtune pic
    Jun 24, 2007 by boomtune

    nice, thats doin it

    blackman841 pic
    Jun 23, 2007 by blackman841

    damn can i get some

    Marcphnx pic
    Jun 20, 2007 by Marcphnx

    on word: DAMN!!

  • blk_duracell pic
    Jun 20, 2007 by blk_duracell

    Dammm baby I should have married you!!!

    bigdaddybaby pic
    Jun 20, 2007 by bigdaddybaby

    dam baby that good

    imn2deep pic
    Jun 20, 2007 by imn2deep

    Continue to do your thing!!! Hot SHIT !!!!

  • Wettandbi pic
    Jun 19, 2007 by Wettandbi


    spellbinder215 pic
    Jun 19, 2007 by spellbinder215

    you's a pro

    bazbrown pic
    Jun 19, 2007 by bazbrown

    Great stuff Kandi!!...5 stars

  • daballplayer pic
    Jun 19, 2007 by daballplayer

    You got dick da hell down..... My turn....

    BlackTool11 pic
    Jun 18, 2007 by BlackTool11

    GotDammmm, Shawty Got Skilllzzz...Can We See U Gettin Dicked Down Sumtimes Ma?

    BIGH54357 pic
    Jun 18, 2007 by BIGH54357 have talent got me horny as shit.

  • AbsoluteLust pic
    Jun 18, 2007 by AbsoluteLust

    Damn girl. You doing things

    qeuqheeg222 pic
    Jun 18, 2007 by qeuqheeg222

    that is how i remembered it ...

    javonnno pic
    Jun 18, 2007 by javonnno

    love the skills the jaw looks strong not strong enough to fuck wit me buti like your style mami

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