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Global Awakening

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Description: Listen Closely to the message...This Book in the Beginning is called the Codex Gigas, or in other words the Devils Bible, written by a monk in 1 DAY, Long Story Google it but - Yes it is well known there is a Global Awakening happening, more and more people are awakening & the veil of this dimension is lifting slowly but surely, now in this clip there 1 thing i disagree with, like the upside down cross meaning, it was Peter the Apostles cross, the first Pope but in today's world, some" - confuse it for symbolism used in witchcraft, which it isn't, but the origins of the cross in the first place just may be, but besides that, the music half way through is the message with a Heavily Gangstrous Beat...Chea ~ Blue

Uploaded: Aug 14, 2010 | Length: 6:43 | Views: 3,668 | Favorited: 1

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  • bluemillionare pic
    May 15, 2011 by bluemillionare

    I don't understand that, doesn't make alot of sense woman, awakening doesn't have anything to do with porn, awakening means coming out of the slumber of the sleep cause by brainwashing of the masses, not allowing the propaganda to supress your mind anymore has NOTHING to do with porno, you obviously do not understand the message, and fyi i had dozens od homemade porn i made myself on my page, now you anly see one, thanks for the nonsense comment.

    siostaywet pic
    May 9, 2011 by siostaywet

    Like what ur saying, but why mix it with porn? Dilutes the seriousness of what ur trying to deliver. Just sayin.

    lisalee1981 pic
    Oct 9, 2010 by lisalee1981

    let em know blue

  • bluemillionare pic
    Aug 14, 2010 by bluemillionare

    Everyone, Please listen to the message, There is a documentary from the History Channel about the Codex Gigas, oogle it or Utube it, Interesting Documentary!! ~ Chea ~ Blue

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