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Cum Inside My Pucker.. Cum Inside My Puckering Oiled Asshole
0 Stars
I sit down and tell you to get your fucking face down there. Then I explain...
Giantess Daily Routine Giantess Daily Routine
0 Stars
I go about my daily routine making phone calls, doing exercises such as...
Nude Big Butt BBW Fa.. Nude Big Butt BBW Face Crush
0 Stars
I stand over you naked and tell you to get ready to feel my devastating 60...
Sniff My Farts Sniff My Farts
0 Stars
I got another case of the farts. I smell the first fart wofting out of my...
Jerk It To My Jiggly.. Jerk It To My Jiggly Oiled Ass
0 Stars
I stand before you nude, confident and unashamed of my curvy plus sized body....
Ass Too Fat For That.. Ass Too Fat For That JOI/OIL
0 Stars
My huge ass must've grown an inch or two because I put this low cut spandex...
Sweaty Fatty Mina Do.. Sweaty Fatty Mina Does Jumping Jacks
0 Stars
Wanna watch me do jumping jacks in nothing but crotchless pantyhose? Sure you...
Thick White Ass Clap.. Thick White Ass Clapping Stripper
0 Stars
Just me shaking & clapping my thick creamy cheeks while wearing a tiny...
Yummy In My Big Fat .. Yummy In My Big Fat Tummy
0 Stars
My male room mate kept asking me to go out on a date with him. I grew tired...
Walk, Flex Drop Thos.. Walk, Flex Drop Those Big Cheeks
0 Stars
I know you love my soft fluffy bbw body & big jiggly bubble butt. Watch...
Goddess Mina Hallowe.. Goddess Mina Halloween Humiliation Game
0 Stars
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. This halloween I decided to dress...
Nympho Boss Nympho Boss
0 Stars
I had to stay late for work one night because one of my company's employees...
Brushing My Silky Bl.. Brushing My Silky Black Hair
0 Stars
I get a lot of compliments on my long silky black hair. In this video I talk...
Farting On My BoyFre.. Farting On My BoyFrends Pillow
0 Stars
I had a long day at work and all I wanted to do was come home, kick my feet...
Three Pricks Sucked .. Three Pricks Sucked Up Giantess Asshole
0 Stars
These 3 pricks thought it would be cool to toilet paper my house & front...
Oiled Booty Flexing .. Oiled Booty Flexing In Jean Thong Chaps
0 Stars
While cleaning out shoot clothes in my closet I found an old pair of jeans I...
Tiny Jamie Sucked Up.. Tiny Jamie Sucked Up Giantess Asshole
0 Stars
Jamie was a nosy trust fund 18 year old punk ass neighbor of mine. He was...
Farting On Toilet Farting On Toilet
0 Stars
The Chinese buffet I had for dinner did NOT agree with me. I race home and...
Worship My Big Shiny.. Worship My Big Shiny Booty
0 Stars
Your duty & calling in life is to worship my big shiny spandex covered...
Sports Bra Boob Bitch Sports Bra Boob Bitch
0 Stars
I'm gonna make you my big boob bitch. And I do just that in this video. You...
Burping In Your Face Burping In Your Face
0 Stars
Anything carbonated makes me belch like crazy. Today I burp non stop...
Gold Spandex Dress JOI Gold Spandex Dress JOI
0 Stars
I know you obsess incessantly over my huge hot 60 inch ass in shiny skin...
Farting On Your Litt.. Farting On Your Little Dick
0 Stars
I start out by tell you how pathetic & tiny your penis is. What the fuck...
Jamie's Ultimate Gia.. Jamie's Ultimate Giantess Punishment
0 Stars
Jamie & Timmy have been very bad tiny guys. They have been trying to...
Gas Ass (25 Stinky F.. Gas Ass (25 Stinky Farts)
0 Stars
I have no fucking idea what I exactly consumed on this day. Might be my new...
Pigging Out On Pasta Pigging Out On Pasta
0 Stars
I had a very busy day shooting custom videos. I finally get to sit down &...
Lick My Pussy, Assho.. Lick My Pussy, Asshole & Make Me Cum
0 Stars
Wearing nothing but a bra, crotchless nude nylon pantyhose, nylon granny...
Crotchless Pantyhose.. Crotchless Pantyhose Masturbation
0 Stars
While filming a custom video in my crotchless pantyhose & high heels I...
Dangerously Deliciou.. Dangerously Delicious Curves
0 Stars
I take a momemt out of my busy day to remind my minions exactly who The...
Stuffing My Belly W .. Stuffing My Belly W Strawberry Shortcake
0 Stars
The perfect Summer treat for this fat girl is a giant strawberry shortcake. I...
Slippery Wet Behind .. Slippery Wet Behind The Scenes Shower
0 Stars
I was in between shooting custom videos & had to take a shower to rinse...
Big Foot Donut Crush Big Foot Donut Crush
0 Stars
I smash two dense chocolate glazed donuts under my big fat oiled feet. I love...
Sit & Ride Dildo.. Sit & Ride Dildo Face POV Face Sit
0 Stars
Hey where you do you think you're going? You aren't going anywhere. I stand...
GodMother Of Ass Min.. GodMother Of Ass Mini Minion Twerk
0 Stars
My little minions were very bad. They didn't follow my orders. Now I must...
Big Booty Bubble Gum.. Big Booty Bubble Gum Babe
0 Stars
I love sitting around blowing bubbles for you. Teasing you, making your dick...
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