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The random thoughts of me, Leslie Stone, a CD MILF from South Central Wisconsin

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It's me, Leslie Sone

It's me, Leslie Sone
11:05PM on January 03, 2018

My name's Leslie from South Central Wisconsin, a 49yo CD MILF who's driven by a need to pleasure, obey, and serve another for the sheer joy of a job well done.
You will know me as a submissive slut and a bit more enlightened in wanting to understand your role, needs and desires.
I enjoy my strength and pride as a submissive and being well educated with a strong personality.

If I could sum up my ideal Man, he would be a Master, friend, and lover who would also like take on the role as my Pimp as he pleases. To offer me up so to speak. (Role Play of course) Alas, lots of wannabes to date but no one who has matched by needs, yet! You are reading that correct. I am looking for someone who would work with me and get great pleasure by having me role play escort for them. Could that person be you?


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