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Diva Set Up Diva Set Up
5 Stars
making sure you can see me clearly and that im sitting in the right spot
few years ago few years ago
5 Stars
When I was a lil slimmer found it on my laptop I was twerking
tub twerk all the wa.. tub twerk all the way nude
5 Stars
testing out my webcam ,I rather have my camera but lets see how it comes out...
Bra & Lace Bra & Lace
5 Stars
Jnetsowet just blowing off some steam, dancing in my lace panties and bra...
Jnetsowet just testing Jnetsowet just testing
5 Stars
Setting up for a video making sure camera is in the right space.
Pink & Black Pink & Black
5 Stars
Just blowing off a lil steam while I jam my song in my thong and pink and...
shaving Pussy shaving Pussy
5 Stars
Shaving my pussy in my bedroom before I make my custom video enjoy
Twerking to 7/11 Twerking to 7/11
5 Stars
Was just feeling this beat and decided to bust a few moves while i shave a...
Bottomless Twerking Bottomless Twerking
5 Stars
twerking in the restroom on my tub in my navy blue cropped tee holding my...
Tub Twerking Tub Twerking
5 Stars
On it and decided to twerk on the tub bottomless while later in the video I...
Trying To Dance In M.. Trying To Dance In My New boots
5 Stars
Jnetsowet trying to dance in her new boots the heel is too highh I tried my...
Ass Clapper... Ass Clapper...
5 Stars
2014 October A feww days before my birthday I made this lil sampler
Leggings pink bra n .. Leggings pink bra n blue lace boyshorts
5 Stars
Jnetsowet a few days before her birthday just doing my damn thing
ass teaser part 2 ass teaser part 2
5 Stars
a little ass teaser from last week hope you like it
Already Taken Already Taken
5 Stars
just a lil sampler ,,,playing around being sexy
Bottomless in dress Bottomless in dress
5 Stars
bottomless in dress cleaning up my room and decided to make that pretty brown...
Twerking to my favor.. Twerking to my favorite song
5 Stars
twerking to one of my fav twerking songs ...just a lil something for my...
Twerking in all blac.. Twerking in all black everything
5 Stars
Twerking in my thong with fish net stockings on black twerking tee and my kicks
Last year sampler Last year sampler
5 Stars
A few sex pics I put together as a sampler hope you enjoy it
Jnetsowet setting up.. Jnetsowet setting up for video
5 Stars
Testing testing trying to see how much lighting I need making sure the camera...
Boyshorts Jnetsowet .. Boyshorts Jnetsowet in her boyshorts
5 Stars
Pink boyshorts n bra teaser with 2 pics in the rotation Aug 2014 enjoy
testing just playing.. testing just playing around
5 Stars
just making sure cam in the right spot
setting up part 3 setting up part 3
5 Stars
teaser making personal vid for fan part 3
Phatt Ass that ass s.. Phatt Ass that ass so fat
5 Stars
Jnetsowet 2014 fat ass twerking bottomless to my shit enjoy....
Throwback2013 ft Jne.. Throwback2013 ft Jnetsowet
5 Stars
Me and my ex getting our eat on he licking im sucking we had fun ....
setting up part 2 setting up part 2
5 Stars
making sure cam is in the right spot part 2
just dancing just dancing
5 Stars
Jnetsowet 2013 on Christmas night on it blowing off this energy
Baby All Nite Baby All Nite
5 Stars
Jnetsowet on it Christmas Day night at home cleaning up n my song came on
Smoking my milly mild Smoking my milly mild
5 Stars
Jnetsowet nude smoking n jamming B
pussy tease pussy tease
5 Stars
jnetsowet pussy teaser enjoy babiez
Thank You Thank You
5 Stars
thank you for supporting me and liking my vids/pics heres me showing u guys n...
139lbs Teaser 139lbs Teaser
5 Stars
Jnetsowet 29yrs old now twerking tease enjoy
Jnetsowet part 9 Jnetsowet part 9
5 Stars
ya girl just doing her thing part 9
jnetsowet ass teaser jnetsowet ass teaser
5 Stars
Twerkin a Lil
twerk part 2 twerk part 2
5 Stars
Jnetsowet butt naked twerking my ass part 2
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