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Description: Queen Deleona ACHM Stylee... I just wanted to do something nice to this version of the song and to the memory of itz songtress: La Reina de Musica Latina, mi hermana de Cuba, Celia Cruz... Butt hey, datz juz' me... LOL Check 4 my Rude Flix & Pix, butt while you're here, plz rate, sav2fav, cumment, tell a friend & all dat good stuff?!? Gracias gente!!! ;D

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  • toddtodd pic
    Oct 6, 2016 by toddtodd

    Still loving what you do.

    QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 3, 2013 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 cummin' thru Bmoredic... Itz much appreciated!!! :)

    bmoredic pic
    Sep 3, 2013 by bmoredic

    very very hottt baby

  • QueenDeleona pic
    Mar 5, 2013 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 sayin' so Paydaysnickers..- . Feel free 2 cum bi anytyme!?! ~_^

    paydaysnickers pic
    Mar 4, 2013 by paydaysnickers

    yur videos are always so hot and sexy

    paydaysnickers pic
    Mar 4, 2013 by paydaysnickers

    mmm sexy i would love to play with you

  • QueenDeleona pic
    Jan 13, 2013 by QueenDeleona

    I'm glad you've cum 2 enjoy all da azzpekz of my work... TheFreakensteins are alwayz appreciated!!! :)

    TheFreakensteins pic
    Jan 13, 2013 by TheFreakensteins

    This is REAL music! And some AMAZING booty too! BIG BOOTIES and GREAT MUSIC! Who could ask for more????? LOL 5 on it!

    QueenDeleona pic
    May 25, 2012 by QueenDeleona

    Itz so nice of you 2 say so, Youngmeat318... Thanxxx!!! :)

  • youngmeat318 pic
    May 25, 2012 by youngmeat318

    nice 5 stars

    QueenDeleona pic
    Mar 27, 2012 by QueenDeleona

    Dic-So-Delicios, thanxxx 4 enjoyin'... Itz alwayz appreciated!!! :)

    Dic-So-Delicios pic
    Mar 27, 2012 by Dic-So-Delicios

    Great Video. Luv Da Celia Cruz Cubana Flava (La Reina De Musica Latina).

  • QueenDeleona pic
    Aug 31, 2011 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 cummin' thru Swingling... Irz much appreciated!!! ;)

    Swingling pic
    Aug 31, 2011 by Swingling

    Oh so sexxy...;^)

    QueenDeleona pic
    Aug 31, 2011 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 watchin' Luvdaphuck... Itz alwayz appreciated!!! :)

  • luvdaphuck pic
    Aug 31, 2011 by luvdaphuck


    QueenDeleona pic
    Feb 13, 2010 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 sayin' so 110SHAWTY... Maybe we'll run into each other sometime??? ;)

    I10SHAWTY pic
    Jan 12, 2010 by I10SHAWTY


  • QueenDeleona pic
    Jan 12, 2009 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 sayin' so, Junbug73, datz gr8ly appreciated!!! :D

    June-June pic
    Jan 12, 2009 by June-June

    mmm! bb u look delicious

    QueenDeleona pic
    Nov 13, 2008 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Bigdickndc174... I try 2 keep it azz deelishuz azz pussible!?! LOL ;D

  • kevykev pic
    Nov 13, 2008 by kevykev

    damn boo yummy as always

    QueenDeleona pic
    Mar 21, 2008 by QueenDeleona

    I'm an omnivore... Meat, veggies, fruits & of course most all good nutz!?! LOL ;)

    Feb 18, 2008 by THUGGNTLMAN


  • QueenDeleona pic
    Jan 20, 2008 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Thegreatone262 & Crazylady69 4 enjoying my material and person!!! Hit me up on my Rudemail sometime!?! ;)

    thegreatone262 pic
    Jan 19, 2008 by thegreatone262

    my wife thinxxx ur fine : it's me sweety crazylady69 n my hubby showed me ur vid i love ur big ass,titts nice pussy n ur sexy my self i'm a 38 F 26 42 inch ass (shave pussy) n would like 2 meet up with u very dark n beautifullllll i also have lots toys all shaps n sizes!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!

    QueenDeleona pic
    Dec 23, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Jamcanam, Rell12711 & 2 all that appreciate my worxxx!!! :)

  • iceman073 pic
    Dec 11, 2007 by iceman073


    RELL12711 pic
    Dec 9, 2007 by RELL12711


    jamcanam pic
    Dec 6, 2007 by jamcanam


  • QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 29, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Jay Brown1976 & 2 all that enjoy my worxxx!!! :)

    Jay_Brown1976 pic
    Sep 27, 2007 by Jay_Brown1976

    wow so thick so sexy

    QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 24, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Bigmic112... Plz define "the real thing"??? It felt pretty darn "REAL" to me!?! LOL ...Anywayz, I don't like to be redundant, as I've spoken on this topic many, many timez b4. I already do have QPVz posted with me in situations with males, but my work, here on Rude, is primarily about showcasing me as an artist, model, performer, and kreator. "Sex" whether it's masturbatory, oral, or coitally hetero or sapphic, where I'm concerned, is merely one puny aspect of what it is that I'm saying or showing... Plus, like Treach usta say, "I do my dirt all by my lonely"... Butt hey, datz juz' me. ;)

  • bigmic112 pic
    Sep 24, 2007 by bigmic112

    nice vid but i would love to see you get the real thing

    QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 23, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx Backbreaker101 & 2 all for your viewz, ratinz', and sav2favz!!! :D

    backbreaker101 pic
    Sep 21, 2007 by backbreaker101

    dat was a hot made my dick real hard keep doin ur things sexy

  • QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 21, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx 4 that Mmmmmudd!!! ;)

    mmmmmudd pic
    Sep 12, 2007 by mmmmmudd

    Fabulous Queen! The editing and the very sexy woman are endlessly um ..... wow!

    QueenDeleona pic
    Sep 2, 2007 by QueenDeleona

    Thanxxx JJay1961, Manntann, Smithydino & everyone that enjoyz my latest instillation!!! :)

  • smithydino pic
    Sep 2, 2007 by smithydino

    good music babe and very hot and horny vid x

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