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Lesbo Tribute pt. 5

Uploaded by 305_Dade


United States
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Description: Another set

Uploaded: Oct 7, 2007 | Length: 4:28 | Views: 25,831 | Favorited: 609





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  • juiccichoc1 pic
    Aug 18, 2009 by juiccichoc1

    thats sum good lookin pussy

    Jul 25, 2009 by SEXXIIMII

    before you make a comment at least have a page set up..

    goodthang0529 pic
    Jul 16, 2009 by goodthang0529

    dammmmmmm ilove this vid my pussy sooo wet right any sexy ladies in little rock wanna get down like this hit me up

  • david667 pic
    Jun 20, 2009 by david667


    Jun 13, 2009 by MS_PUSS_LICKER

    i enjoyed the music way more than the video but its

    fay2badd pic
    May 8, 2009 by fay2badd

    goddamn that shit looked good

  • fay2badd pic
    May 8, 2009 by fay2badd

    goddamn that shit looked good

    LICKUMLOW364 pic
    Apr 13, 2009 by LICKUMLOW364

    definite 5

    TheSinfulOnes pic
    Mar 30, 2009 by TheSinfulOnes

    Damn ma when is it my turn

  • Delisiousluv pic
    Mar 23, 2009 by Delisiousluv

    I love the video its hot!!!!!!!!!!

    BeautifulyThick pic
    Jan 14, 2009 by BeautifulyThick

    mm yes loving this damn !!! nice

    chanandblack pic
    Nov 20, 2008 by chanandblack


  • Glow4804 pic
    Nov 3, 2008 by Glow4804

    If you not a lesbian this will make u bicurious!

    wetshaft pic
    Sep 3, 2008 by wetshaft

    this is jus plain foolishness. whatever they doing in em videos a man can do the same thing to thier dump asses. but i enjoyed the video though. i jus think been a fag is jus stupid

    andiamstillsexy pic
    Jul 21, 2008 by andiamstillsexy

    the business...I reallydo like this one... u choose the perfert song

  • hotpinkpuss1 pic
    Jun 25, 2008 by hotpinkpuss1

    i'm like DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN- NN!!!

    ChiNiggaBIGDIK pic
    Jun 20, 2008 by ChiNiggaBIGDIK

    this was cool

    pussylover820 pic
    Jun 10, 2008 by pussylover820

    hot shit

  • doublelicious79 pic
    Jun 4, 2008 by doublelicious79

    that sopng just made me wet... the flick made me cum... mmm mmm good

    ebonybytch69 pic
    Apr 15, 2008 by ebonybytch69

    i need to get me some pussy to pussy action startin with pinky

    heresyfiend pic
    Apr 13, 2008 by heresyfiend

    I love black pussy...

  • kcotton1881 pic
    Apr 10, 2008 by kcotton1881

    This nigga that commented under me is a hater this shit is tight

    cuminbitch pic
    Mar 18, 2008 by cuminbitch


    laylaw3000 pic
    Mar 18, 2008 by laylaw3000

    Damn tha sound this shit was tight just like it is

  • pimpclol639 pic
    Jan 28, 2008 by pimpclol639

    what happen to the sound

    Slimthug11 pic
    Dec 9, 2007 by Slimthug11

    it looked good but the real sound would have put it over the top

    Ninebreaker41 pic
    Nov 24, 2007 by Ninebreaker41

    yo repost this shit with the real audio!

  • darainbowstud pic
    Oct 18, 2007 by darainbowstud

    dis video was hot but it would be hotter if u just kill da music and have da real sound

    princessways pic
    Oct 15, 2007 by princessways

    i wish it had real audio

    carolinaprince3 pic
    Oct 15, 2007 by carolinaprince3

    this is one hot video

  • MzPhatPussy pic
    Oct 11, 2007 by MzPhatPussy

    yummy!!!!!!!!!!!- !!

    bigdaddyc pic
    Oct 11, 2007 by bigdaddyc

    this is the shit

    AbsoluteLust pic
    Oct 9, 2007 by AbsoluteLust

    i loved it boo

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