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Description: This is a part of Wednesday Humpday Show from May 26. After I gave my hubby a blowjob, I demanded some pussy eating.

Uploaded: May 27, 2010 | Length: 21:16 | Type: Video Clip

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Getting naked

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Showing off and getting naked during my sexy show with cool music.


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I'm polishing my toe nails naked. You can see my feet (size 3), toes and...

Shaving Pussy part 2

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I'm shaving my pussy and the cam takes it from a great angle. part 2

Oil and my pussy

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After I was teasing my tits and ass, I couldn't help myself and I started to...

Shaving Pussy

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Have a look how my hubby is shaving my wet pussy.

Zoomed-In Shaved...

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This is an unique video where I masturbate, moan and cum. My pussy is very...


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It's all about ass and pussy from rear.

Live Show...

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40 minutes of Saturday Afternoon Fever Show for those who missed it or would...

Show Play

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the best of my show... masturbation with my pink toy

Sex on the sofa

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My hubby 6'4" and me 4'6". I give him a bj, we do vertical 69, I ride him on...

Showing Off

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Playing with my body during my single Monday show.

Morning Shower

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This is how I take a shower, wash my hair, shave and put lotion on while...

Blue Jeans

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I am having fun and showing more than just my blue jeans. Ass lovers will...

After-party Show

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Watch me how I'm playing with myself when my hubby isn't at home and I am a...

Single Crazy...

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This is how I party to the 90's when my hubby is out of town. What can one...

Pink Dildo

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Watch me how I'm masturbating with my pink toy.


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I do a striptease while I'm listening to my fav music.

Blow job

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This is a part of my Wednesday Humpday Show from May 26. My hubby wished to...

Live Show...

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60 minutes of my single weekly Monday show. This time from the bath tub.