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Men In Pain

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Description: A Domme playing good with her mantoy. If you do not like BDSM, pain and slave stuff, you might wanna stop watching. I admire the selfcontrol this man shows. They are both good at what they are doing. This is the first video, there are more.

Uploaded: Feb 13, 2007 | Length: 6:48 | Views: 50,063 | Favorited: 95

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Channels: Fetish Videos





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  • freekitty pic
    Mar 6, 2010 by freekitty

    Sorry but if that was me? I'd make sure that he buried that whining, whimperin' face right in my pussy..and then we'd see what sort of spankin' he'd get!

    DaddysGirl pic
    Sep 10, 2008 by DaddysGirl

    Its a pity you dont like it. Both participants is of the best known BDSMèrs in the game.

    roguey-baby pic
    Sep 3, 2008 by roguey-baby

    now lets see some proper bdsm please and not some made up shit for the cameras

  • rocker_bitch pic
    Jun 28, 2008 by rocker_bitch

    wtf! shoes are crazy!

    whyalwaysme pic
    Feb 19, 2008 by whyalwaysme

    this was boring, bring on the real pain.

    WelshHunny pic
    Jan 23, 2008 by WelshHunny

    What a well behaved pet! I would have made proper use of him though. I would of hoisted him about 1ft higher, and had him licking my pussy, whilst I continued to spak his arse - great vid

  • mike6969 pic
    Sep 15, 2007 by mike6969

    mmmmm what a nice young ladie

    CarnalExplorer pic
    Aug 26, 2007 by CarnalExplorer

    Im impressed

    DaddysGirl pic
    Aug 24, 2007 by DaddysGirl

    Yes, they dont look much good to walk in...But they are a private fetish of hers. Love that lady =D

  • hoo0oorny pic
    Aug 12, 2007 by hoo0oorny

    look at that shoes she is wearing

    whiplash879 pic
    Jul 15, 2007 by whiplash879

    oh e whip his arse girl xx

    readyboy pic
    May 19, 2007 by readyboy

    Lets see part 2

  • Abigayle pic
    May 8, 2007 by Abigayle

    whatever floats your boat

    ToyBoyLondonUK pic
    Mar 12, 2007 by ToyBoyLondonUK

    if i was a woman...i d b squirling by now....great...d- ark pleasure lies in the heart of men!!-and women-

    DaddysGirl pic
    Mar 9, 2007 by DaddysGirl

    Ooh but Merlin, Have you seen the whole movie?

  • Merlin1971 pic
    Mar 9, 2007 by Merlin1971

    her, the domination is light, the pain too...i think the biggest pain is to stay the head down, and do u imagine the pain of the lady walking with that shoes !!! it's incredible.....i- t's not BDSM...not real...

    blkosito pic
    Mar 2, 2007 by blkosito

    yo that was some real shit!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!

    DaddysGirl pic
    Feb 15, 2007 by DaddysGirl

    Thats ok, one cant understand everything.

  • Athena01 pic
    Feb 15, 2007 by Athena01

    I just don't understand how equating physical pain with sex is a good thing.

    johnston337 pic
    Feb 14, 2007 by johnston337

    its ok daddysgirl, i like it

    DaddysGirl pic
    Feb 13, 2007 by DaddysGirl

    Aw, you dont like this,athena? I do ;) You dont need to watch you know, hun.

  • Athena01 pic
    Feb 13, 2007 by Athena01

    What the hell is the point?

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