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Sex In The South

I've wanted to shoot a set using my copy of Suzi Parker's - Sex In The South: Unbuckling The Bible Belt for a long, long time now. I wasn't sure what outfit or location I wanted to use to go with it -- just that it should be used somewhere at sometime. It's simply that cool. There's almost an entire chapter devoted to Platinum Plus in Memphis TN, the first strip club I ever went to as a customer, the first club that I worked at as an exotic dancer. Platinum Plus was raided and closed in the beginning of December 2006. It probably won't be back, and so my copy of Sex In The South is a wonderful souvenir for me --even if the chapter "La, la lapdances" is written from a female customer's point of view, and I've got a whole lot of experience on the other side of the figurative looking glass. Months later, I have a dizzying multitude of mixed feelings associated with the place that I'll be working through for a great while longer, I'm sure. Still, I'm not too afraid to admit that I miss the Double P. And while I can't admit to reading Parker's book cover to cover, the other portions of the book that I've read thus far are pretty entertaining. Consider it recommended. Actually owning anything with that title is precious too. I have a feeling that my commentary for this shoot is probably more interesting than the photos themselves. It was supposed to be easy-breezy. Me shooting myself in my backyard on a warm spring day. But it was more than just warm -- it was getting quite humid too. Making my leg and feet *very* sweaty in those white thigh highs. And then, I had a camera mishap; my "hit & run" camera wasn't balanced atop my trusty tripod and so it fell over! My poor camera crashed into that concrete slab *so hard* I thought for sure I'd killed it, but alas, I did not -- it still lives! Its sleek silver body scratched and dented.I'm so lucky that the crash didn't crack it's LCD screen, but I can't help but be mad at myself for not stabilizing the tripod better. The gust of wind that knocked it over wasn't wholly responsible. Le sigh. It's right around #29 that I switched over to my heavier camera to finish off the set. The clothing ensemble itself went really well together and with the book, I felt. I'm dressed in something I could wear to church, if I went to church. And kept my legs together instead of showing off the tops of my pretty lacey thigh highs... Enjoy! Favorite shots include: #12, #15 (too goofy not to like), #18-21, #23, #33 & #40
Uploaded: Oct 27, 2007
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