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Ending The Night With Group Sex


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Description: Wow, what a fucking night! Jake and I spent the entire evening hanging out with our swinger friends Joy, Angelique and her guy Celt. After a long night out in Vegas we were all exhausted and the sun was even up, but we sure as hell weren't too tired to fuck! As soon as we returned to our room the five of us immediately launched into an impromptu fuck session that lasted nearly an hour. The guys got really lucky because they were outnumbered considering there were only two of them and three of us. Initially I joined Angelique and Celt while Jake and Joy paired off together. At first Joy was on her knees blowing Jake but as soon as he got hard he started tit-fucking her gorgeous boobs before finally pushing her back on the bed so that he could have full access to her pussy! It was so hot watching my husband fucking the hell out of my friend Joy while I had a mouthful of Angelique's pussy as she sucked her guy's big fat dick! We all fucked and sucked in so many different positions with different partners that I'd need to write a novel to accurately describe the entire encounter, it's a good thing we have a video so you can see everything for yourself. My favorite part was when Jake was fucking me missionary style while Joy was sitting on my face. I came three times while Jake was pounding away at my fuck hole as I ate Joy's oh so tasty pussy. Group sex is my absolute favorite and this was one hell of a group fuck session, I really don't think it gets much better than this. Oh yeah, and don't ask me how he did it but somehow Jake shot a single load of jizz that managed to hit not only Joy and myself but also Angelique who was on the complete other side of a king sized bed. I honestly don't know where his shooting power comes from but sometimes it even amazes me and I see it every day! ~Kisses, Allie

Uploaded: Oct 6, 2017 | Length: 27:58 | Type: Full Movie

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