Gurgle Goddess' Potbelly Farts!!

Uploaded by slaughterj79


United States
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Description: Gurgle Goddess has been working hard at gaining weight and with a belly full of gas and now has a real pot belly, just like she;s always wanted! She spends some time listening to her stomach's gassy sounds with a stethoscope while using a vibrator to tickle her excited clit and talking about how round and podgy her belly is now. She tell you excitedly how she's always longed for a real pot belly and how it feels to finally have one; all round and chubby and full of gas. The motion of the vibrator helps the gas to move down to her ass and soon I am releasing some of the loudest and longest farts she's ever done! As she releases the last of her gas, an orgasm overwhelms her. she falls back, satisfied and much relieved with a calmer tummy and much less discomfort inside her! See the full version in our clip store!!

Uploaded: Nov 28, 2017 | Length: 0:45 | Views: 3,479 | Favorited: 0





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