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Description: For fans of leg shaving and mature BBW's - this was shot from a close view and focuses on thick legs, with ass shots, hanging titties and saggy belly of course. Feet and pedicured toes are also shown.

Uploaded: Jan 19, 2010 | Length: 7:48 | Type: Full Movie

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Join me in my shower, there's plenty of room! You'll enjoy every minute as I...

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Shower and clean with TONS of lather - special attention paid to my belly,...


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Wet feet Lotion

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Jiggling my big round ass in your face and spreading my cheeks for a peek.

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Shower Shave

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Shaving my legs in the shower, with lots of ass shots thrown in.

After Shower Camming

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I'm just out of the shower and need to lotion up my legs and feet. Watch as I...