Dr Office P.


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Description: isit to the Dr's Office so I'm checking out the exam room cause I'm nosey and then of course I have to pee! lol

Uploaded: Aug 20, 2009 | Length: 5:58 | Type: Full Movie

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Lingerie P.

0 Stars 3m 07s

I wuz gonna do a shoot in this cute lil black sheer nighty but as I'm walking...

GarterBelt P.

0 Stars 3m 45s

Right in the middle of shooting a goth update I have to go to the bathroom!...

Panyhosse Pee

0 Stars 2m 24s

Going to the bathroom but first I have to pull down my pantyhose. You get a...

Peeing in a Cup

0 Stars 4m 04s

Got a UTI so I need to give a sample to the dr which requires peeing in a lil...

3 Bathroom Visits

0 Stars 4m 29s

3 lil trips to the bathroom caught on cam. A tinkle here and a tinkle there...

Pink Princess Pee

0 Stars 2m 35s

Leather Lewis is pretty as a princess as she goes to the bathroom wearing a...

Bathroom Visit

0 Stars 2m 06s

LeatherLewis is visiting without her following me with the camera, I'll only...

Peeing All Over

0 Stars 5m 04s

It's kinda hard to present a decent length whizzing vid, I mean, one can only...

Bathroom Break...

0 Stars 5m 31s

Tyring to sneak into the bathroom for a quick pee and a smoke, no such luck!...

Pee in Pantyhose

0 Stars 2m 26s

I just put on pantyhose to make a vid and now I hafta pee SO BAD but it's too...

Santa Pee

0 Stars 1m 56s

I get to sit on Santa's face (well, not really, it's jut my Christmas toilet...

Pissing in the Woods

0 Stars 2m 04s

Pissing in the Woods

Car Wash with Pee

0 Stars 3m 36s

I'm washing my car in my bathing suit and I guess hearing all the water makes...

Mature Shave

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For fans of leg shaving and mature BBW's - this was shot from a close view...


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If you're a fan of lots of lather, long blonde hair, and mature bbw's, this...

Hospital P.P.

0 Stars 4m 51s

Another visit to the emergency room, this time to get checked in for a...

Quick PeePee

0 Stars 2m 12s

Just about to begin a photo shoot, I look so pretty,don't you think, in my...

P & Wipe

0 Stars 2m 33s

Just a quick trip to the bathroom for a water break lol and a nice pussy...

Bathtub P.P.

0 Stars 2m 26s

Peeing in the bathtub!

2 Bathroom Clips

0 Stars 2m 20s

2 clips of LeatherLewis using the toliet. In the first clip she's dressed as...