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BlackPorn: Two Black BBWs naked

Two black bbws get wet and naked in the shower. Hot fat blackporn scene. Amateur Blackporn I remember the night I shot my first black amateur porn film. I had been dating this guy for a few months and we had some amazing, wild sex. It seems as if he knew exactly where and how to touch me and, every time we got together, it was like a whole new experience. So, when he suggested that we shoot our own black amateur porn film, it seemed like the next logical step. I was a bit nervous about the idea of shooting our own black amateur porn film. After all, I had never actually seen myself fucking someone. I didnt know how I should act or what I should do. But, it didnt take long before my worries were over. Once my man started working his magic, I stopped thinking about those cameras for a little while. Then, once we got started, I remembered that the cameras were on me and it just made me hotter. The thought of the camera being on me while I rode that fat black cock made me hornier than I had ever been before. I guess there has always been a part of me that liked the idea of being watched, but I was always too scared to actually fuck someone in public or where someone could watch me getting off. With the camera watching, I could enjoy my little fantasy without worrying about a real person watching. Once the excitement took over, I was ready to shoot the best black amateur porn film the world has ever seen. I rode my mans cock hard while I played with my tits and licked my nipples. Then, I started rubbing my clit and moaning with ecstasy. I wont lie, I made sure to really exaggerate everything I did and I was fully aware of myself trying to look sexy. It was all good, though, because the more I tried to look sexy for the camera, the more my man got turned on by me. Finally, he couldnt take it anymore and he threw me off of him and put me face down on the bed. I came as soon as stuck his cock in me from behind and I kept getting off with every thrust into my black pussy. My body was shaking all over and I was getting weak in the knees, but I kept taking that huge black cock and I loved every minute of it. Shooting my own black amateur porn film was an amazing experience, but watching it was even better. We decided to wait a week before watching our personal black amateur porn film. That way, the anticipation could build. Honestly, I thought I would be embarrassed to watch myself on film. But, seeing the look on my face and watching my man pound me from behind really got me wet. The film wasnt even over before I was down on my knees and sucking my mans cock. Giving my man a blow job while watching myself cum in my own black amateur porn film was an amazing experience. I know he must have felt the same way because it didnt take long for his excitement to mount. Before I knew it, he was shooting his wad all over my face. I gave him a couple minutes to recover and then played with him until he was hard again. Then, he flipped me over just like he did in the movie and fucked my black ass from behind again. It was the best sex I had ever had and I have my own black amateur porn film to thank for the experience.
Uploaded: Aug 29, 2008
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