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Uploaded: Jan 2, 2009 | Length: 5:53 | Views: 31,432 | Favorited: 214





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  • Strezzman9 pic
    Mar 16, 2014 by Strezzman9

    I would eat that ass.

    HoodxXxCherries pic
    Nov 5, 2012 by HoodxXxCherries

    Flame on !!!

    djdubb71 pic
    Mar 8, 2012 by djdubb71

    i love it only wished you was thinking of me

  • injoysuckin pic
    Mar 6, 2012 by injoysuckin

    Freaking oustanding! you are the baddest chick on rude!!!

    dark_wanderer pic
    Mar 5, 2012 by dark_wanderer


    skilltech pic
    Mar 5, 2012 by skilltech

    Your so wrong for doing a video as sexy and hot like this.

  • thagentlementhug pic
    Apr 26, 2011 by thagentlementhug

    damn i luv your voice an the way your accent is its so sexyYYYyyyYYyyy

    transitkid pic
    Jun 21, 2010 by transitkid

    you are one beautiful woman lev

    anything28 pic
    Jun 21, 2010 by anything28

    If we worked at the same place, I would do tons of overtime just to see you at the desk. If I was your boss, even better. Ur what fantasies r made of. This vid gets a Rock hard dick standing, lol.

  • eatsomepussy84 pic
    Jun 20, 2010 by eatsomepussy84

    damn baby this was some sexy horny shit nice

    bigdrey383 pic
    Jun 20, 2010 by bigdrey383

    i got major wood 5 stars

    StrongArmChicks pic
    Jun 20, 2010 by StrongArmChicks

    One of my all time favorite Rude Producers!

  • SeasonPimpin pic
    Jun 20, 2010 by SeasonPimpin

    work it bb

    Levityheaven pic
    Apr 16, 2010 by Levityheaven a lady indeed :) or something like that dom ;D muah!

    dometrias pic
    Apr 16, 2010 by dometrias

    a lady in need!

  • NilouAchtland pic
    Feb 4, 2010 by NilouAchtland

    spectacular !!!

    nappyboy240 pic
    Oct 29, 2009 by nappyboy240

    love the vid 5 star keep em coming

    TaQuilla pic
    Oct 28, 2009 by TaQuilla

    How on earth did I miss this 1?! Mmmmm

  • Stiffone369 pic
    Oct 28, 2009 by Stiffone369

    Its all good!

    RuRockOak pic
    Oct 28, 2009 by RuRockOak

    As usual, Levity Heaven, your vid is sexy, erotic, arousing and beautiful...just like you!!!

    phatblkclit pic
    Oct 8, 2009 by phatblkclit

    Amazing Tits!

  • SeasonPimpin pic
    Sep 22, 2009 by SeasonPimpin

    im diggin the usa button woohoo

    IAmLeslie pic
    Sep 11, 2009 by IAmLeslie


    dometrias2 pic
    Apr 20, 2009 by dometrias2

    such a sweet ass and cute voice

  • NightsTempler pic
    Mar 27, 2009 by NightsTempler

    Beautiful xxx

    TheFreakensteins pic
    Mar 27, 2009 by TheFreakensteins

    Is it possible to actually love a clip? Because we are in love with your video clips! Your ass is amazing!!!!!

    Hoodeeed pic
    Mar 27, 2009 by Hoodeeed

    ya pussy is nice and phat just how i like it ya ass look soft and u def got some tittys i need ta be suckin on keep on doin ya thing sexy

  • LickaUslow pic
    Mar 26, 2009 by LickaUslow

    Dat Ass keeps me CUMIN" bck~~~

    Biggurlplzer pic
    Mar 13, 2009 by Biggurlplzer


    maxman1997 pic
    Mar 12, 2009 by maxman1997

    Sexy as always! 5 stars baby

  • dometrias2 pic
    Mar 12, 2009 by dometrias2

    i see your work is never done

    Mar 11, 2009 by FMBRADLEY

    those some pretty ass tits and a fat ass ma

    EroticFlavaz pic
    Mar 11, 2009 by EroticFlavaz

    nvr a dull moment wt u, bb.

  • rickrude972 pic
    Mar 11, 2009 by rickrude972

    dam i skeeted like a muphucka period-

    MsThicctadef pic
    Mar 6, 2009 by MsThicctadef

    very sexy

    georgiaboy40 pic
    Feb 26, 2009 by georgiaboy40


  • hammer572008 pic
    Feb 25, 2009 by hammer572008

    Just luscious.... hhhhmmmmmm xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    harperbutch pic
    Feb 23, 2009 by harperbutch

    u r va beautiful sugar babt yumm

    dometrias2 pic
    Feb 21, 2009 by dometrias2

    oh, don't let my bulging dick distract you from your work - lol

  • warmnwetone2 pic
    Feb 21, 2009 by warmnwetone2

    sheer beauty!!!

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