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Seasonz Greetinz 2 All!!! A 2nd sexperimental vid made with a new program. Juz' tryin' sumptin' else.... LOL Herez sum free dwnldbl klipz: & plus sum free dwnldbl pix: Plz chek this freevue klip out!?!: Mad Izm: Queen Deleona VK-Rmx Stylee- I would still like your input and plz be safe this holidaze season!?! :)
QueenDeleona uploaded on Dec 9, 2008 79 videos · Visit My Website
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QueenDeleona pic
QueenDeleona on Nov 23, 2011
Well, you're not "totally speechless"??? j/k LOL Thanxxx 4 cummentin' Imn2deep... Itz truly appreciated!!! :D
imn2deep pic
imn2deep on Nov 23, 2011
wow!! you are sooo pretty!! i love these pics of you!! i really love the outdoor pics. wow!! i'm speechless boo!! 10*z
QueenDeleona pic
QueenDeleona on Jul 20, 2009
Thanxxx 4 sayin' so, Marcusmbenz... Itz gr8ly appreciated!!! :)
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