Vibrator Courtesy Of The Hotel


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Description: Sometimes when a girl has a long hard day she just needs some "stress relief". This was definitely one of those days. When I got back to my room I poured myself a drink and started going through the little goodie basket provided by the hotel. I found one of the items particularly interesting. It was named the "intimacy kit". Imagine my surprise when I opened it up and found a tiny little vibrator and a bottle of lube. You know I'm all about getting off anywhere and everywhere but at first I thought it was a bit odd to find such an item provided by the hotel. But then again it was Vegas. In addition to the tiny vibrating bullet toy there was also a glass dildo that was perfectly shaped and sized. It was a lot like one of my favorites that I have at home. Now I had not only a vibrator, but also a dildo to go along with it. I used the vibrator on my clit while I continuously rammed the glass dildo in and out of my cock hungry fuck hole. For a girl theres nothing better than having your clit stimulated while your g-spot is being given a workout at the same time. I must have came all over that glass dick at least a 12 times before I was finally just too exhausted to go on any longer. I have to say thank you to the hotel for taking such good care of their guests. Im not sure why every hotel in the world doesnt provide a vibrating toy and a dildo at check-in. I think that one small gesture alone would help ease the stress of travel for everyone. ~Kisses, Allie

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