Monster cock invades my tiny pussy


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Description: I was in the mood for my monster cock toy. So i slid it in as far as i could go, and fucked my pussy so good.

Uploaded: May 29, 2008 | Length: 5:17 | Type: Full Movie

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Object Insertion...

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Exploring my object insertion fetish with my monster cock toy

Upclose His Cock...

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Extreme closeup of his cock fucking my tight wet pussy. You can almost hear...

Super Upclose...

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On my knees, between his legs, my warm mouth on his hard cock. Mmm and you...

Spank, Fuck, and...

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My ass gets spanked, my pussy gets fucked, and I use a toy too! Mmm my stunt...

Hard Fast Assfuck...

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Bent over, waiting for that long hard cock! Mmm feels so fucking good!

Pussy Still Wet...

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I'm dripping wet from feeling your cock inside me! Fucked me so good..

Topless Cock Tease

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My tits...Your hard cock... Pressed in between my big round tits. Stroking....

toy fun fuck

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fun naughty and wet with my toy and fingers!

Close Up with...

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I used my small pink toy to fuck my tight little pussy!

Pink Toy Mmm

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Using my pink toy to bring myself to orgasm

Slut Uses her...

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I'm such a good slut, especially when it comes to making myself cum with my...

Pink Toy in My...

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I love the way this toy feels, when it tickles my clit and slides in and out...

Pink toy

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Using my pink toy to cum now

My Pink Toy Mmmm

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My little pink toy hits the spot again! Mmm my pussy is still so wet and...

Small Pink Toy in...

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My girl gave me this toy and I've cum so many times with it! Mmm

Yummy Glass Toy

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Smooth glass toy fucking my smooth wet tight pussy! Mmm

Glass Toy part 2

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Using my glass toy and I can't stop! And I'm getting so close to cumming!

Enjoying My Glass...

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I don't play with my glass toy often, but when I do, mm it feels so damn...

Disappearing Toy...

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Hot show where I played with a toy and then hid it in my wet tight pussy

Anal Toy on the...

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Bent over the pedestal, fucking my ass with my blue toy. Mmm