Diamond Is A Girl's Best Friend


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Description: This meeting was a long-time in the making! I've been chatting back and forth via e-mail with Diamond for several years now. I saw one of her live cam shows awhile back and ever since that time I've been dying to get her into bed. We were talking on-line a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I was planning a trip to Florida. Since Diamond lives very close to where I was going I secretly hoped that she'd suggest we get together. Well, she did and I finally got my hands on those perfect 34C titties of hers. And thats not all! I have to tell you that we didnt waste anytime either. We met in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying and after a brief greeting we jumped in the elevator and headed up to my room. We were in the room for less than two minutes before we were both buck ass naked and making out. Talk about not wasting any time, Diamond dove right into my pussy before I even had a chance to get a taste of her. Trust me, Im not complaining just making an observation that Diamond is a lot like me in that she goes right after whatever she wants and doesnt beat around the bush, pun intended. Since this was our first meeting I really had no way of knowing what she was like in bed but let me tell you this girl has got to have one of the most talented tongues that has ever licked me. At one point she was licking and sucking on my clit while she was finger fucking me at the same time. The combination of her mouth on my clit and her fingers in my soaking wet hole drove me to one of the most intense orgasms Ive ever had. I think it was the way she was both sucking and licking my clit while at the same time she had her fingers deep enough inside me to hit my g-spot. All I have to say is that I simply cannot wait for my next meeting with Diamond! ~Kisses, Allie

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