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Description: my first hardcore scene. This was just a quickie for lunch. Will be doing more soon

Uploaded: May 16, 2008 | Length: 1:50 | Type: Video Clip

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ssbbw sucking a...

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Watch me suck a pierced cock at the local pornstore lol. I walked in and...

ssbbw want it vid

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Do you want me to gag on your cock? Do you want me to titty fuck your cock....

Ssbbw just playing

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Watch me play with my pussy have some awesome fun and get off reall good two...

teachers pet

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ssbbw teaching you how its done.


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ssbbw fatass in chair

ssbbw crazy...

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watch me stick a wrench up my pussy.

SSbbw panty stuffing

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watch me stuff my panties up my cunt.

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watch me masturbate and stuff my pantyhose in my pussy

SSBBW Smoking

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watch me smoke a cigarette

SSbbw giving a blow

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This is me and my camera guy while i blow him off. cum shot in my face mmm.

Watch me pee

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ssbbw peeing in the shower.

He Masturbates me!

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Watch him masturbate my pussy till I orgasm for him.

Foot rubbing

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Watch my feet get rubbed and the royal attention I deserve on my fat feet.

sucking and...

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Tease with a Feather

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watch me tease myself with a feather. Was so hot and felt so good

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shower time

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just touching myself

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i felt like touching my fat rolls


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